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Our Motto is to provide elders a place with food, shelter and medications to spend their last days in dignity.

Welcome to Veda Old Age Home

VEDA old age home is a non-profit making organization by touching the hands of humanity, society and charity beyond the limitations of religions but as a genus of humanity.

VEDA a premier old age home is one of the finest in Chennai. It has wonderful amenities to provide older people best life style facilities at affordable costing, VEDA Old Age Home has been in the service for three years. We provide homely facilities for our inmates with physical and spiritual assistance. We carryout cultural events for our inmates. Once in a year we take them on a tour.

OUR FOUNDER : Mrs. Gayathri voluntarily retired in 2006 with 15 years of experience in teaching experience in India. She founded VEDA Trust, with a mission to build a senior living or Old Age Home in a natural environment with modern amenities near Chennai, India.

OUR VISION : Veda Old age home runs with the vision to run a professional organization that will add value to our old age, promote equity, empowerment of the destitute disadvantaged people and to provide security through our employees, people with disabilities, and to the old age.

Our grandparents and parents raised us to believe in the importance of treating others with courtesy and respect. These past generations have held tight to their dignity, ethics, faith, honesty and integrity; which is exactly why condescending or even inadvertent belittling is not okay — even when the goal is to protect, rather than harm. Keeping this in mind, Veda old age home was started to help the destitute poor elderly.

More than the quality of service in the old age home, it is the Lovable and Compassion people who serve the elderly people. Veda old age home, one of the well-known Senior Citizen Homes in Chennai is a home where both, the services and the staff are matchless.

Veda old age home offers residential services for retired people, who wants harmonious and self-sufficient life and those who want to stay away from the materialistic world, people suffering from medical complications and need constant supervision, or senior citizens who want a temporary stay when family members going outstation or foreign.

With excellent residential facilities, 24x7 medical aid, Yoga and Physiotherapy, meditation and naturopathy; it is certainly one of the Best Old Age homes in Chennai. A variety of recreational and sports facilities keep them committed and revive.

Veda old age team works with a motto of offering utmost comfort, dignity, and security to the elderly people that are the highest prime needs.


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