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Thanks to Provision Donor Mr Jayaraman

Thank you Mr Jayaraman for Donating Provision items.

I would like to grab this opportunity to request you to support our VEDA Old age home for the December month celebration.

Veda Trust is as you know it is a non-profitable organization. We are providing the fundamental needs of respectable old age people namely shelter, food, medicines, cloths etc., especially in this pandemic situation. We are handling bit expensive and also struggling to meet out all these expenses. Naturally we cannot maintain our charitable commitments without some goodwill from the community at large. Above all we are seeking donations in the form of Provisions or cash or other kind which is affordable by our valued citizens like you.

Our Tariff: 1. One Time Special lunch with vadaipayasam - Rs.3000 2. One day sponsor (Breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks & dinner)(birthday, wedding anniversary and other occassions) - Rs.5000 3. One Time Breakfast or Dinner - Rs.1500.00 4. Maintaining one granny per month - Rs.10,000 5. AnthimaKriya (Last Rites) to the departed - Rs.8000 6. One bag of rice per month - Rs.5000 7. Milk Per month - rs.9000 8. Vegetable per week - Rs.1500 9. Medicines for inmates per month - Rs.5000 10. Groceries items per month - Rs.15000

We will sincerely appreciate your generous contribution.

Bank details given below: VEDA TRUST, INDIAN BANK, CURRENT ACC NO - 6579016203, MUDICHUR BR. IFSC - IDIB000M274 Veda Trust PAN - AACTV7445C Registered Under 12AA - AACTV7445CE20210

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